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VerticalApps is an information technology consulting firm focused on listening to their clients’ needs to maximize their satisfaction and return on investment by delivering high-quality, professional IT services and solutions.

Getting to new heights.


VerticalApps (formerly known as Vertical Applications) first came to us looking for a new website. After initial discussions, however, it became clear much more was needed if they were going to get to the next level. They had made a name for themselves in the government contracting and consulting space, but wanted to expand their client base more into the private sector. To help them do this, they need a new brand identity.

logo & brand identity

After conducting research and listening to their clients via one-on-one interviews and online surveys, we recommended shortening the company name. We designed a new logo identity and created a new tagline as well, and then expanded the brand identity into a new website.


testimonial for Strategy

Congratulations to you and your team on the award… the Bob Mathias (decathlon reference) of brand strategists!

S.P., Nuclear Energy Institute
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