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SpinSys develops systems integration solutions for cloud-based services, specializing in enterprise sustainment and modernization. They help clients create business intelligence from big data problems, harden their systems to create an enhanced security posture, modernize complex legacy applications, and augment their enterprise IT department.

All IT systems go.

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When SpinSys approached us for our help with their branding, they already had an existing logo. But their brand was disjointed and inconsistent. We started our work by starting from the source: their existing logo. We determined consistent colors and leveraged those colors in their logo and across all brand elements, including their stationery package, printed sales collateral, and event signage. In addition, we also helped them with some of the signage “super graphics” for their new office.


We refined SpinSys’ logo identity by integrating a tagline and by using consistent colors across their logo and stationery package, including BCs, letterhead, etc.


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In addition to the logo identity refinement and stationery package, we designed company overview marketing sheets and solutions sales sheets using consistent graphical elements such as colors, fonts, and imagery.



SpinSys occasionally attends and hosts special events for IT professionals, so we designed banner stands for use at these events. In addition, we also created large-format “super graphics” for use in their new office space.


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Thank you for coming through with a great piece and for being so patient and responsive and calm through the process … it was great working with you and all of your staff!

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