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SourceAmerica connects product and service contracts to a national network of non-profits who employ people with disabilities. Working together, they meet requirements cost effectively and efficiently while changing lives. When you work with SourceAmerica, everyone wins.

Accessible presentation.


SourceAmerica has a passion for creating jobs for people with disabilities. They provide business solutions that empower the American people. They believe every person should have access to employment. To help advance their efforts, we have created a powerful PowerPoint presentation and template. We highlighted their strong brand identity and created a bold presentation to help them reach a greater audience.


Having a powerful presentation sets you apart from the competition. We had the pleasure to create PowerPoint templates for SourceAmerica to help advance their vision.


nexVortex Testimonial

Thank you for coming through with a great piece and for being so patient and responsive and calm through the process … it was great working with you and all of your staff!

X. J., The Real Estate Roundtable

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