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NACHA: The Electronic Payments Association


NACHA’s multifaceted role in the payments industry involves both administrating the ACH Network and acting as an industry trade organization. NACHA represents more than 10,000 financial institutions and administers and facilitates private-sector operating rules for ACH payments, which define the roles and responsibilities of financial institutions and other ACH Network participants.

New direction.


NACHA was embarking on a new membership model. The new model was likely going to cause some confusion and skepticism. They hired Vizual to help them with the transition. We developed surveys, conducted interviews, and researched competitive organizations, resulting in a final report and plan for how to proceed. Included in this plan was the creation of a new name for the membership model along with a new logo identity and tagline.


We have developed multiple logo identities for NACHA, including most notably the brand identity for their new membership model and a logo identity for their signature PAYMENTS conference.


marketing collateral

We designed several pieces to help market NACHA as an organization, its new Payments Innovation Alliance, its annual conference, etc.



environmental design

Vizual designed several environmental pieces for NACHA, including its tradeshow exhibit, booth displays, and popup banners.


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Thank YOU for coming through with a great piece and for being so patient and responsive and calm through the process … it was great working with you and all of your staff!

X.Y., The Real Estate Roundtable
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