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Comprisma was formed shortly after the passage of the healthcare reform law in 2010 and was incorporated in January 2011. The firm is building on the framework established by the law to create risk pooling markets that assist with compliance and reward efficiency.

Compliance and reward.


Comprisma has invented a new form of transaction that will create significant value for health insurers. These transactions help insurers to comply with the 2010 healthcare reform law while also rewarding insurers who already exceed compliance requirements. Using an auction-based exchange to facilitate these transactions, Comprisma promotes a more stable, competitive and efficient health insurance market. We helped the start-up promote their company through a new logo & brand identity, website, and a PowerPoint® presentation.


Using the new logo identity we designed for Comprisma, we created a friendly, easy-to-navigate website with investor log in capabilities. Visit the website >>


logo & brand identity

We designed a series of print marketing collateral to help promote the firm and secure new clients or project engagements.


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You do us (Italian Americans) PROUD. Congratulations both on receiving this award AND on doing so with integrity, style and talent.

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