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Canton Maritime


Canton Stevedoring began operations in Baltimore in 1998. Through personalized customer service and an impeccable safety record, the company has grown into a premier stevedore and warehouse operator with multiple locations. The company’s main business at the beginning was handling imported non-ferrous metals, but they quickly diversified to include break-bulk cargo as well.

Increased capacity, competitive advantage.


As a premier stevedore and warehouse operators, Canton Maritime focuses on safely providing superior customer service, schedule flexibility, and cost-effectiveness to their clients. As they continue to expand their berths in the port of Baltimore, they reached out to us to promote their newly finished Pier 11 South berth. We created and launched a successful digital and print ad campaign emphasizing the pier’s increased depth, giving its customers a competitive advantage.

print advertising

One of the components of this ad campaign was to design a half page print ad that was published on mulitple publications.


online advertising

In addition to the print advertisements, we created animated digital ads. The ads were placed on online websites in their industry, such as Breakbulk and Port of Baltimore.


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