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Is the press release dead? Should we still be writing and releasing them to announce company news? Ad Age recently posted a column on the life of a press release and shortly after in the same week multiple responses were issued. So is it really dead or does it need to evolve and adapt to the digital world we’re continuing to move into? If it is dead, what replaces it — blogs? Press releases are how public relations professionals announce their client’s news to the media and are an easy way for companies to post the information on their... >>

Every day another blog comes out discussing the role public relations plays with brand management and how it integrates with marketing and branding strategies. The truth is, they have always been integrated, but some organizations are better integrating them than others. To be successful, the marketing, branding and public relations strategies need to be fully in sync. One of the first questions I was asked when applying at a major public relations agency was to define the difference between marketing, branding and public relations. At the... >>

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