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proven expertise

Our expertise isn’t about how long we’ve been in business. It’s about what we’ve done during that time in business, the knowledge and skills we’ve gained along the way, and how we leverage them on behalf of our clients.

Experience Matters

Since 1994, we’ve had the pleasure of working in partnership with a wide variety of clients on a broad range of projects. As a result, we’re able to leverage our experience to provide our clients with many types of services and capabilities. This expertise and intimate knowledge of our clients have prompted many of them to think of us as an extension of their organizations. This, in turn, benefits both our organizations in the long-term through increased synergy.

We’ve grown our business primarily through referrals, which we’re very proud of. And, we’ve worked with all types of clients across many market sectors. Most notably, our client base contains a large amount of service companies and technology firms in addition to associations and non-profits. We also believe our broad client base has helped us maintain our profitability and growth over the fifteen years we’ve been in business. It has helped us learn how techniques from one market sector or business type might benefit another. In short, this broad experience has helped us gain increased perspective.

For-Profit Clients

We understand the importance of gaining market share, increasing profits, and moving quickly to adapt to an ever-changing business economy and increased competition. Our for-profit clients tend to move quickly and decisively, and they demand their business partners do the same. They rely on us heavily, trusting our judgment and counting on us to act on their behalf to help achieve their branding and marketing objectives. Often times, we’ll be asked to go on retainer to help achieve these results more efficiently and effectively,

Association and Non-Profit Clients

We understand the importance of offering value to their members, growing their membership ranks, communicating effectively, following through with their boards’ strategic plans, and operating efficiently to make the best use out of pre-determined budgets. Our association and non-profit clients have come to rely on us to serve as outside consultants to their organizations. We’ve worked with many of the same association clients for many years, in one case designing their website three times and hosting/maintaining it on a monthly basis ever since our relationship began.

We believe our broad range of client experience and proven expertise in providing strategic branding services to our clients will serve to help your organization achieve its marketing objectives as well.

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You do us (Italian Americans) PROUD. Congratulations both on receiving this award AND on doing so with integrity, style and talent.

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